Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire – the comedy team that brought us the awesome and entertaining “Formerly Known As The Justice League” – are reuniting this fall for “Justice League 3000.”  This is slated to be an ongoing series telling the tales of DC’s leading characters in the form of their future selves.  Artist Howard Porter, has redesigned Batman; Wonder Woman; Superman; Flash and Green Lantern as they might look like a millennium from where they are now. I loved FKATJL and am looking forward to what looks like this team’s more serious take on DC icons.

Check out Porter’s designs below.

In 1934, four years before Superman’s successful debut in Action Comics #1, Jerry Siegel needed an artist to substitute in during Joe Shuster’s temporary absence. He wrote to Buck Roger’s artist, Russel Keaton, to find out if he was interested in drawing Superman. What is really amazing about this letter is the glimpse into what Superman’s origin might have been.

Superman: Time Traveler.

A clear transcript follows.


So, you’re still waiting for The Doctor to appear and take you travelling through space and time in his TARDIS, but he hasn’t shown up yet? Well, wait no longer! A company across the pond (of course!) custom makes them so that you may have your very own officially licensed TARDIS! Each TARDIS is hand-made in wood to order either from original BBC plans or taken from original measurements. Not only that, but you get to choose which version of  the TARDIS you want from the ’60’s Hartnell/Troughton to today’s Matt Smith. Pick your favorite!

Unfortunately, they go for a hefty £3,995 (which translates to $6,405) and are not guaranteed to be bigger on the inside. Still, the holidays are around the corner, so if you’re extra good, and not on Santa’s naughty list, you might just beg him to give you this as your gift. If time can be a big ball of wibbly wobbley timey wimey stuff then anything is possible.  Hey, you never know.



Second start to the right and straight on ’til morning…

Ok, ok, so in J.M. Barrie’s original story that wasn’t the exact quote. Walt Disney’s 1953 animated Peter Pan added the “star” to Peter’s directions, and there have been diverse adaptations to this much beloved story ever since Peter Pan’s best known adventure debuted in theatres in 1904. One such adaptation is currently a Peter Pan Kickstarter, by Renae De Liz, whose magical art first caught my attention in The Last Unicorn. (If you haven’t picked it up you should, it is really a work of sheer beauty.)

Ms. De Liz is a huge fan of Peter Pan (who isn’t?!) and IDW Publishing has already approved Volume 1 of this tale to be published, but she and her husband and collaborator, the talented Ray Dillon, still need funding. Hence, the Kickstarter campaign. As Ms. De Liz states on Kickstarter:

“My goal is to adapt the original novel of Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie into a graphic novel that is as true to source as possible.   The original story is one of the most beautiful, inspired things I have ever read, and I hope to convey that beauty to the best of my abilities into this Graphic Novel. I also intend to further explore Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s backstory by adapting parts from J.M Barrie’s The Little White Bird  (prequel to Peter and Wendy) and a little known information given by Barrie about Jas. Hook into the story.

… I am not a Peter Pan expert, I am just a person in love with the story and I feel I  have the passion necessary to create something that will help us fly to Neverland and celebrate J.M. Barrie’s genius once more.”

If an incredible adventure and luscious art weren’t enough to hook you in, Ms. De Liz is determined to honor the spirit of Barrie’s donations to children who need it, irrespective of the fact that Peter Pan already in the public domain. As many fans already know, Barrie relinquished all his rights and profits to the  Great Ormond Street Hospital  for Children in England before his death with the hope that Peter Pan’s success would always be able to help fellow children in need. What a lovely gesture from a wonderful artist.


This looks like an amazing Kickstarter, so let’s all join the adventure and get Peter & Co. flying again!


Source: Kickstarter


The Wire’s Chad Coleman has been cast as fan favorite, Tyreese, in AMC’s popular show The Walking Dead! I am so thrilled to hear this! Rumor has it that he will be making his debut in the eighth episode of this current season, just in time to appear for the inevitable throwdown between Rick’s camp and the Governor’s. More eye candy for everyone! Hooray!

I would love to speculate as to how he will be portrayed on the  AMC version of TWD, but given how drastically the show has veered from the graphic novel it really is anyone’s guess as to how his introduction will be played out. I don’t think that I am exaggerating when I say that Season 3 has been a total adrenaline rush. Hands down this is the best season so far IMO, and casting Tyreese is just another reason why it’s so damn good. Can. Not. Wait.




Once upon a time, before global warming, winter meant snow – and who doesn’t love snow except grinchy grown ups who have to dig their cars out to get to work?  Still, even the Grinch would love these Star Wars snowflakes designed by Anthony Herrera. They’re so pretty and fantastic that I would leave my car buried under the snow and take the subway to work just to leave them untouched. Unless they were Jar Jar flakes, then I might have to take a blow torch to them. Hey, every Star Wars fan has their limits. Check out a few of the flake designs below. Admit it, they would look great hanging from your Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hannukah/tree/bush/mantle/whatever. They might even have to replace mistletoe in my apartment. Now for the real test: can you name them all?

Source:  Anthony Herrera